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Durability: The vegetable tanned cowhide, dyed in different colours is the most natural and durable leather. Quebracho and mimosas' tannins used in tannery make this leather assume wood characteristics, and the dying penetrates its natural porosity making leather "breathe".

The metal components of our manufactures are in solid brass, an alloy of copper and zinc which melts at 900°C, that means  it is a hard and high resistant metal.

Last but not least, all the stitching, both decorative and functional, are made in tough nylon thread.

Raw Hides
Solid Brass Buckles
Solid Brass Buckles
Hand Drawing

Timeless Linearity: A straight and simple design, combining aesthetics and unpretentious functionality, makes these products everlasting objects which assume attributes in time, friends that will tell about you.

Italian Spirit: Every production process happens in Italy, from the design to the meeting with our guests.

The limited production permits an excellent quality control and the possibility for us to give life warranty on our products.


Uniqueness: The craftmanship of this product and the natural characteristics of raw materials, make each piece unique and unrepeatable.

Some slight defects, as scars and stripes in the leather are the proof of its authenticity, while the variability in colors, never the same tone, depends on the consistency of each skin.

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