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Due to our exclusive and limited production our ordering/payment/shipping process varries slightly compared to many online stores. See below the most common questions regarding our ordering, payment, shipping and availiblility and if these do not answer your questions please feel free to contact the Guizzetti family through the question form below. 


How do I place an order?

To place an order simply choose a product from our wide online selection, add the item to your cart and proceed to checkout.
You will receive a first confirmation that your order has been succesfully placed, and within 2-3 days a personal answer from the Guizzetti Staff with the actual availability of the chosen products, and payment details. 


Payment & Shipping

Payment is expected by bank transfer only and shipments will be made by courier, the cost of which will be communicated to you privately according to your order. Payment information and current availiblity of your request product will be provided via email after processing your order. 


Order & Availability 

Due to our exclusive and limited production we cannot guarentee tock availability of the items you select. In this regard you will be contacted by the Guizzetti family after your have placed your order. 


Returns & refunds

If you are not satisfied with the goods you have ordered please do not hesitate to contact us for replacement! 

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